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  • Monday, September 23rd: School Picture Day
  • Friday, September 27th: Early Release at 1:00 PM

ELA – Mrs. Thoner

We continued reading Love That Dog and talking about poetry journals, and poetry.  Next week students will begin to explore writing their own poetry and reflecting on the text.  The poem that Jack (the main character) ends up writing is about the death of his dog.  Please let me know if your child is having a hard time with this text.  The primary goal is to help students understand what poetry is, but the secondary goal is to help them understand that poetry (and other writing) – whether rhyming or free verse – is a way to deal with strong emotions.

Math – Mrs. Tapley

The 3rd grade mathematicians continued to explore the meaning of multiplication and division this week. They demonstrated multiplication by making arrays and creating equal groups. The 4th grade mathematicians worked with understanding place value and the concept of values being ten times as much as another value. Students also completed their NWEA assessment this week, which will allow us to see how much they grow in their math skills during the school year. 

Super Studies – Mrs. Bebell

This week the 3/4 class continued studying their research plot in the woods. They collected soil samples to examine under the microscope and counted insects, spiders, and worms that they found. We also started setting up the indoor worm composter that we’ll be keeping in the classroom so they can see how worms help create soil right before their eyes! There are lots of wonderful veggies and flowers in the school garden, and the kids have been helping Ellen in the kitchen by harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and more.

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