Upcoming Events:

  • Monday, September 23rd: School Picture Day
  • Friday, September 27th: Early Release at 1:00 PM
  • Friday, October 4: Family movie viewing of “Finding Nemo” hosted by the 7/8 class to raise money for Water for South Sudan
  • November 1st: Student-Led Conferences (No school, except for attendance at the conference)

Art – Mr. Kennerk: The students have been working on an introduction to Celtic knot construction. Drawing ‘ribbons’ with a wide block crayon, ‘embroidering’ the edges with stick crayon to determine the weaving rhythms of ‘over and under’ in the pattern, and shading to accentuate the added illusion of depth—the 3rd dimension. 

ELA – Mrs. Thoner: This week students took a spelling pre-test to determine what spelling patterns they know and which they need to be taught.  Spelling lists will be generated based on what they still need to learn.  We continued learning about the difference between poetry, prose, and drama through the book Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech.   We have also spent considerable time on how to respond in writing to questions posed by the text. Students are practicing reading a poetry book of their choice so they can read them to younger students next week. 

Super Studies – Mrs. Bebell: This week, our 3rd and 4th grade scientists continued studying their soil plot, including learning more about the organisms that live there and doing a soil texture test. They found that we have very nice loam in the woods around the school. They are also learning some new vocabulary having to do with food webs, including decomposer, herbivore, omnivore, and carnivore. The most exciting part of the week, though, was when the worms arrived for our classroom vermicomposting  kit, in which students will see soil be created by worms right before their eyes!

Math – Mrs. Tapley: 3rd and 4th grade mathematicians practiced their understanding of place value to the millions place. They practiced writing these large numbers in word form, expanded form, and standard form. Students also compared these large numbers using the symbols for greater than and less than.  After that, they used their place value understanding to add these numbers.

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