Math – Mrs. Tapley

3rd and 4th grade mathematicians focused their mathematical thinking this week on rounding. This was a skill some students learned last year, so these students increased their ability to round to larger place values. For others, this was a new idea and students did a great job thinking about how to round numbers. We used a vertical number line to show the reasoning behind the rounding that was taking place. We also worked on learning our multiples of 3 and practicing those multiplication and division facts.

ELA – Mrs. Thoner

Students continued working on Love That Dog learning how to find evidence from the text to support their responses to questions.  They also started writing their own poetry and reading poems from various sources.  Many of them chose a rhyming book to read to their littles on Friday during our afternoon team building sessions.  Students had their first formal spelling test over words that were sent home on Monday.  Please check their yellow folders this Monday for their new lists and help them practice those words this week.

Super Studies – Mrs. Bebell

The students have been excited to get their indoor worm composting setup working properly this week. After finding some escapees Monday morning, we had to figure out which of the worms’ needs were not being met so that we could help them thrive in their new habitat. Our scientists also finished doing some research about insects and arachnids that live in and around the soil in the woods next to the school and practicing their skills at scientific illustration. It’s been wonderful to see some vegetables being served in the kitchen that the students have been harvesting from the school garden.

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