Science/Social Studies – Mrs. Bebell

The students have done an amazing job throughout our unit on the endocrine and reproductive systems. What started out as an awkward and embarrassing topic has developed into one that students can confidently and respectfully discuss. They showed wonderful growth and learning on Thursday’s post-test!

English Language Arts – Mrs. Baird

We have continued our reading and annotating of the book Omnivore’s Dilemma. As we have finished each section of the book, we have practiced finding the gist of that particular section. The annotating we have been doing in this book is annotating for details to support the gist that we found. We have also been practicing answering text-dependent questions after reading each section of the book, also backing up our claims with evidence directly from the text.

Math – Mrs. Tapley

Our 7th grade mathematicians have continued their work with writing and solving algebraic equations. This is a topic we will continue to work on, while we apply our algebraic thinking to geometry. Our 8th grade mathematicians have been manipulating complex linear equations and solving them. Students used their knowledge of angle relationships and wrote algebraic equations to solve for missing angles. At the end of this week, students will be reflecting on their progress toward their goals in this WINN block.

Monday, February 4th

Wednesday, February 4th

  • 8th grade visit to GSA in the morning

Specialist Updates!

Art: 7th and 8th grade students are doing lessons in one point perspective which will continue in to 2 and 3 point perspective in the weeks to come.

Performing Arts: K-8 will begin working on the Spring Performance of Alice in Wonderland.  3-8 graders will be auditioning for speaking roles in the next few weeks. Be on the lookout for permission slips.

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