Attention Brooklin Backpack Friends:

  • Bags from the Backpack Program will be delivered tomorrow after 4pm so put out your coolers
  • You have the option to pick up your Backpack Program bags from 3-4pm tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first day that we will be joining forces with the Magic Food Bus. Any extra veggies that do not get picked up from 3-4 will be added to your bags. Thank you Healthy Peninsula!

You will also have the new and awesome option of picking up your bags for the Backpack Program. This week your boxes and bags will be extra heavy because there is no school breakfast or lunch until July 7th. We are also adding some pantry staples such as a large box of cereal and a bag of rice. We encourage you to pull into school and visit the Magic Food Bus table from 3-4 tomorrow, pick out great fresh veggies, and then drive back to the school (cafeteria door) to pick up your Backpack Program bag. They will be labeled, sealed, and ready to go.

For the remainder of the summer, the bags will be being delivered to your homes in a personal vehicle rather than the school bus. You will ALWAYS have the option to pick them up, Thursdays from 3-4 if that works better for you.

If you are picking up your bag at school or visiting me at Magic Food Bus, I encourage you to wear a mask, as I will be, and to also stay a safe distance away. I will set your bag and your veggies out for you but it will also be great to see your faces! Please be well and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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