Math – Mrs. Tapley

5th grade mathematicians started their learning this week by comparing decimals and building on their understanding of equivalence in decimals. We then expanded their rounding skills to rounding with decimals, and ended the week by adding decimals using their place value understanding. 6th grade mathematicians worked with two mathematical tools this week: ratios tables and double number lines. They explored how ratio tables are constructed and then used double number lines to solve ratio problems in context.

ELA – Mrs. Thoner

Students continued reading Chains with a focus on literary analysis and close reading.  We focused on how Isabel’s character is dealing with the inner conflict of knowing she should be free, but needing to behave like a slave in order to protect her sister.  We have also focused on the difference between literal and figurative language. This Friday, students will have their first writing class with Ellen Booream.  

Super Studies – Mrs. Bebell

Our historians created and gave presentations about some of the key battles of the Revolutionary War, and they did an excellent job! As part of the process, we discussed what makes an interesting slideshow that enhances the talk instead of just displaying the words that the presenter is speaking. The students then culminated their study of the American Revolution by making timelines on Friday that show major events that contributed to the formation of our country. They did an amazing job stying focused and working diligently for almost an hour and a half on Friday!

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, October 4: 6:00 Family movie night hosted by the 7/8 class to raise money for Water for South Sudan. Donations will be accepted, and there will be snacks for sale.
  • Friday, October 11th: Brooklin backpacks go home
  • Monday, October 14th: No School: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • Friday, October 25th: Early Release at 1:00 PM
  • November 1st: Student-Led Conferences (No school, except for attendance at the conference)

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