Science/Social Studies – Mrs. Bebell

Students are preparing for The Wax Museum that will take place on February 12. Last week, they made a timeline to show the major events in a person’s life, planned their costumes (parents, please help your child with this part of the project if needed!), and began writing their speeches about US presidents and first ladies.

Math – Mrs. Tapley

Our 7th grade mathematicians dove into the world of inequalities this week – those situations when things are greater than or less than. They worked on writing and solving inequalities. We also had a day where we took a step back and solved some equations. Review is going on in preparation for the MEAs with ratios and proportions, which we worked on earlier this year. Our 8th grade mathematicians applied their algebra skills to real-world situations, where they wrote and solved equations. They are also reviewing concepts from earlier this year, focusing their review on exponents and scientific notation. 8th grade students will be taking a math assessment for GSA math placement on Monday.

English Language Arts – Mrs. Baird

This week, we shifted from practicing finding the author’s purpose in writing to finding the speaker’s purpose in listening. We had an excellent lesson in which we watched a video clip of the author of our book, Michael Pollan, and identified the speaker’s purpose throughout the video. Once students decided what the speaker’s purpose was, they had to back up their claim with evidence from the video. If you are interested in seeing the video and asking your child about the speaker’s purpose, the video can be found on youtube, it is called, “In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan’s Seven Words.”

Monday, February 4th

Wednesday, February 6th

  • 8th grade visit to GSA in the morning

Tuesday, February 12th

  • Wax Museum
  • 8th grade Dinner Fundraiser

Friday, February 15th

  • Presentations of Ex Block projects
  • Winter Carnival
  • Staff-Student Basketball game

February 18th-February 22nd

  • No School – February Break



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