Parent Car Drop Off and Pick Up Line

When dropping off or picking up students in the car line, DO NOT go around any cars in front of you please. This is for safety of all children. Thank you!


Students are tardy if they are not present at the beginning of the school, which is 7:45 AM. Tardiness is disruptive to other student’s learning and the teacher’s instruction.

Early Release on Friday, September 24th

Reminder of the early release scheduled for this Friday.

Reminder of Security of the Building

During the school day, all doors are locked except the front door to the school.  Please ring the buzzer to be let inside.  Always enter and exit through the front door by the flagpole only.  Thank you.




Picture Day Date

The School Picture Day will be September 23, 2019.




from Mr. Kennerk
Puffins/Pre K
The children have been coloring pictures with oceanic focus to fore shadow an upcoming block. We continue to combine stories and crayon coloring to deepen the relationship between imagery and comprehension as well as training the hand for proper ‘pencil’ grip.
We used colored pencils and followed step by step instructions to color a detailed artistic rendering of a llama with traditional South American symbols and forms. The class is learning about South America and we will be integrating our art with this over the next several projects.
This class will be learning about seasons in ELA and so we explored a form drawing where a balanced figure eight holds two imbalanced figure eights in a visual composition that symbolizes the seasons in their characteristics and attributes based upon color and their respective balance/imbalance between the length of night in relation to day.
These students are learning about colonial America in Super Studies and are delving further to the methodical process of gridded mapmaking. After plotting the entire coastline on the eastern seaboard of colonial America.  We create a grid on drawing paper and work off of a pre-gridded copy of a map of colonial America. Rows are designated by letters and columns are designated by numbers—think of Battleship the game. This helps to strengthen executive functioning skills.
These students are reading “A Long Walk to Water“ in ELA.  We are reviewing the methodical process of gridded  mapmaking.This week we finished up all of the water features and jumped to the highest points and plotted the mountains of Africa. We create a grid on drawing paper and work off of a pre-gridded copy of a map of Africa. Rows are designated by letters and columns are designated by numbers—think of Battleship the game. This helps to strengthen executive functioning skills and most of the class are independently guiding themselves now that it is in the habit life.
from Ms. Wilson
We had a wonderful first 5 day week in the Puffin/ Pre-K room! Arrivals and transitions are becoming smoother as students become more comfortable with classroom expectations and routines. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Freight Train by Donald Crews are by far our favorite read alouds! We will be learning to identify and name many parts of a book this year; so far we have introduced: front cover, back cover and the spine of the book. Math warm-up books Turtle splash! by Maine author/illustrator Cathryn Falwell and 1-2-3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle are favorite shared reading books, and help us all get our “math brains” going. Students are working to identify their names in many parts of the classroom: assigned eating spots at tables, sitting spots at the rug, and labels with names on their crayons and play-dough. Playdough time can be a free choice activity, but at the beginning of the year it is a very structured activity with students learning and practicing using playdough only at a table, only touching their OWN playdough, how to roll a snake, make a meatball, and how to clean up little crumbs. Students are working to roll playdough into snakes to form letters in their names, as many are still working to strengthen those fingers for holding a crayon.

On Forest Friday we read Under One Rock: Bugs, Slugs, and other ughs by Anthony D. Fredericks and illustrated by Jennifer DiRabbio, and then headed to the woods to gently move rocks and logs to observe the community of creatures living there. Two new vocabulary words introduced in the book were: community and habitat; we will continue to explore and discuss concepts of community and habitat this year. 

from Ms. Baird
This week in kindergarten and first grade, we reviewed vowel sounds. We were introduced to each vowel as a superhero, who says their name (long vowel sound) but when they want to be in disguise, they say a different sound (short vowel sound). First graders focused on the word families of -an, -am, and -at (can, jam, mat). We incorporated a bit of basketball shooting in the classroom on a mini hoop to help with our review! In Kindergarten Math we have been exploring some Math tools such as connecting cubes, pattern blocks and two color counters and ten frames. We have doing writing in Math using Which One Doesn’t Belong and What Do You Notice and Wonder . We have been learning to talk about Math in different ways. in First Grade Math we have been working on counting and adding simple number sentences. We have also explored connecting cubes and learned some card games. We have also worked on writing in Math using Which  One Doesn’t Belong and What do You Notice and Wonder.  Both classes have been doing the calendar and weather everyday and counting the days in school using a Place Value Chart . For forest Friday, we went into the forest and did a scavenger hunt. Among the things that the students needed to find were: something tiny, something bouncy, a bird, a fence, something that started with the sound /f/ and so on. They had a great time. We have been writing about our day in the afternoon.
from Mrs. Thoner
2/3 ELA This week students read books at their respective reading instructional levels about the seasons.
2nd grade: Emergent (beginning) readers read a short book about the seasons and drew pictures about their favorite season. They wrote or told about their pictures.
Beginning readers read a slightly more difficult book about seasons and worked on comprehension strategies including re-reading and finding the main idea and supporting details.Third graders read an even more complicated text that explained how the seasons affect the leaves of deciduous trees.  They worked on the concept of cause and effect. They were required to explain, in writing, how leaves make food for a plant based on what they had read. This type of writing is a year-long process, so students will be at various levels of development at this time. The goal (target) is that students will be able to write at least one well-constructed paragraph on a nonfiction topic by the end of the year.
4/5 ELAThis week students students worked on reading and comprehending nonfiction text.  We read about hurricanes and earthquakes. Students researched them online, and shared out what they learned.  We talked about how looking at videos and pictures often helps with comprehension. when you are reading something technical.  Students also worked on note-taking skills relative to the causes of earthquakes and hurricanes and to the effects of these natural disasters.
6-8 ELAStudents continued their study of A Long Walk to Water. They worked on recording the gist of each chapter and on analyzing how the author, Linda Sue Park, developed each character through her writing. As the book begins, Salva Dut is a young boy separated from his family in 1985 by the second Sudanese civil war. He is forced to flee with people he doesn’t know. Nya is a young girl who spends most of her days walking to get water for her family. Nya’s story takes place in 2008.
Students met with Ellen Booream (via google meet) to begin to develop their own main character(s) and story maps for their own short stories. This is year-long project where students write their own short stories scene by scene, share them out, and work as a group to provide feedback to each other.
from Ms. Sproul
2/3 math

This week we spent a bit of time getting set up on Khan Academy and learning how to use it.  This is a great program where I can assign the students specific tasks that they need to work on.  It has short videos for them to watch and practice problems to do.  It is a great tool to help the students get extra practice in the areas they need it most.  The second graders have continued their review in addition and subtraction.  The third graders continued their work with different types of graphs.
4/5 math
The students are doing great in math and settling into a good rhythm.  We are spending a bit of time each day working on math facts.  The students will do much better in higher level math if they are solid on their math fact recall.  I try to keep it fun and engaging through games.  The fourth graders have been working on understanding what factors and multiples are.  They are really enjoying the hands-on approach and seem to be getting a solid understanding of the concepts.  They fifth graders have been working on volume.  They have been building various shapes with cubes and figuring out the volume.  Both the fourth and fifth grade also use Khan Academy to solidify their learning.  It is an online program with videos and practice problems.
6/7/8 math
The students have all been using Khan Academy with it’s videos and practice problems to support and help solidify concepts.  This program matches up nicely with what they are learning from the lessons during the direct instruction time.  The sixth graders are learning about area and surface area of various shapes as well as reviewing addition and subtraction with regrouping.  The seventh graders have been working with scale and scaled copies.  The eighth grade has been working with geometry.  They have been learning about transformations including translations, reflections and rotations.
from Ms. Bebell
6-8 Super Studies
Students are continuing learning about the global water crisis and how people can help the 2+ billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean, fresh water. They are working on organizing a fundraiser to support Water for South Sudan, which is the organization started by Salva, the boy in Long Walk to Water. On Friday, we recognized Constitution Day by discussing the history of the Constitution and watching a clip from Hamilton in which the framers have begun writing and defending the document to the newly independent American people. They also had the first hike on the school nature trail of the year, so we could investigate the condition of the trail in preparation for other classes using it and for our night hike when we hopefully have a class camp-out at school in a few weeks.
4/5 Super Studies
The class is doing a wonderful job learning about the causes of the American Revolution. They can imagine how frustrating taxation without representation must have felt to the patriots and how that could have led to conflict. We’ve been illustrating a few moments in history by watching clips from Hamilton; it’s so much easier to connect and engage with history when we can understand the stories of these historical figures’ lives. Several times a month we’ll have a special outdoor activity called Forest Friday, and this week we went on a mushroom hunt and found a wonderful assortment of fungi!
2/3 Super Studies
The students have been studying what creatures live on the forest floor, in an area of the woods next to the school field we call The Grove. They have been carefully digging and observing insects, spiders, salamanders, worms, and slugs, and are working on gathering information on these creatures so they can become experts on them and teach others what they have learned. Several times a month we’ll also have a special outdoor activity called Forest Friday, and this week we built fairy houses in The Grove.








9/21               4:00 PM                    Home soccer game vs BH

9/22               4:00 PM                    Home soccer game vs Sedgwick

9/24               12:30 PM                  Early release

9/27               4:00 PM                    Home soccer game vs Bay School

9/29               9:00 AM                    School Picture Day



10/1               4:00 PM                    Soccer game at DISES

10/4               4:00 PM                    Soccer game at Sedgwick

10/5               12:00 noon               Flu Clinic (Details to TBA)

4:00 PM                    Soccer game at Surry

10/7               3:30 PM                    Home soccer game vs Castine


10/11             NO SCHOOL—HOLIDAY

10/12             4:00 PM                    Home soccer game vs Penobscot

6:00 PM                    School Board Meeting

10/13             4:00 PM                    Home soccer game vs DISES

10/15             4:00 PM                    Soccer game at BH

10/29             12:30 PM                  Early release

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