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Mrs. Tapley completed her undergraduate degree at Lake Forest College and her Masters Degree at the University of Maine in Orono. She taught in Belgium for a year at the Antwerp International School before teaching middle school at the Scarborough Middle School. She then moved to Downeast Maine and began teaching at the Brooklin School in 2004. She is currently teaching math to grades 3-8 and loves to get excited about all things math. In her spare time, Mrs. Tapley can be found watching webinars about math while jogging on her treadmill. She is also active in the Penobscot Historical Society, the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine, and the Maine Teacher of the Year Association. Mrs. Tapley was the 2016 Hancock County Teacher of the Year and a 2017 Maine Teacher of the Year Finalist.

Contact: jbaird@brooklinschool.org

 “You have only failed if you have given up. Until then, it’s learning.” Author Unknown

Expectations for class:

  • I believe that all of you are able to learn math at the highest levels.
  • Come to class ready to learn and ask questions. Always ask yourself in math: why does this make sense?
  • Math is not about speed. I want you to be thinking deeply, finding connections between topics, and learning how others think about math.
  • Get ready to work in groups frequently. We will work on norms for great group behavior.
  • Homework will be given out on Monday through Thursday. In that homework, it is okay to make mistakes. These mistakes grow your brain.
  • I want you to experience a productive struggle in math. If it is easy, we need to dig deeper and find a challenge for you.


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