Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am sending this quick note to see if anyone needs to opt-in to the Brooklin Backpack program. You are always able to opt back out later if you would like to. This form also has an option to just opt-in for the week of April break because no breakfast and lunch will be being sent from school during that time.
If you are thinking you should hold off because someone else needs it more…don’t
If you feel like you might be fine but are not sure…opt-in.
We have you covered. 
Strict safety measures are taken while packing your bags. If you have any questions please email us at The Brooklin PTF is hoping that you are staying as sane as possible during this crazy time. I feel extremely lucky that we live in such a creative, caring, flexible community. Thank you so much to Maribeth and Jeff for doing all the packing. Thank you to The Brooklin General Store for ordering everything for us and thank you to Eyleen, Mrs. Courtot and Ms. Ellen for delivering the bags on the school bus.  Thank you!!!!
–Molly Blake

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