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News From Around the School

Mrs. Tapley

English Language Arts: I was so happy to see many parents at parent teacher conferences. Thank you for coming! This week we worked on sample practice passages and questions from past MEA tests to refresh students with the type of content that will be on the test, which starts on Tuesday. On Monday, we will be really studying the rubrics by which the students are scored in the MEA tests and understanding exactly what is expected in their written responses.

Super Studies: To wrap up our unit on the American judicial system, we started the week by studying a supreme court case about lyrics in rap music. The students also had the opportunity to have their questions about law and courtrooms answered by John Steed, who is a lawyer based in Blue Hill. On Wednesday, students completed a reading a review assignment to assess what they have learned in the last few weeks.

Math: With 3 days this week, the students accomplished a lot. Our 7th grade mathematicians did incredible work with surface area. They were able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to find the surface area of a triangular prism and even started investigating how to apply this to pyramids. Our 8th grade mathematicians really got the hang of graphing a line using slope-intercept form, and also graphed lines using x and y-intercepts.

Spanish: 7th and 8th grade students are perfecting when to use SER and ESTAR and will be tested this week.

Mrs. Baird

3/4 Math: It was a brief week, but that didn’t stop us from learning. 3rd grade students worked on comparing unit fractions with different denominators. They also explored how to compare fractions when changing the size of the whole. 4th grade students did excellent work learning how to create equivalent fractions, using both multiplication and division.

3/4 ELA: It was great seeing so many parents at parent teacher conferences on Thursday.  This week we finished our creative writing stories, and they are posted outside our classroom on the bulletin board.  The students are very proud of their work, and they should be! Their stories are very creative and we focused on handwriting in particular in our final drafts.  We also looked at practice passages and questions from the MEA to get students familiar with the content that will be on the test, which starts on Tuesday!

3/4 Super Studies: The students were introduced to the concept of photosynthesis this week, and what better way to share what they are learning than through a readers’ theater! They practiced diligently all week to be able to make a video of their performance. Look for it on the school’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

3/4 Spanish: Completed the unit on Spain and have begun learning about Spain’s first artists! The unit on Alta Mira is basically about amazing prehistoric paintings in caves. The children are very enthusiastic and ready to create their own animal artwork.

Mr. Kennerk

MATH: We continue our measurement unit. Our work with analog time is coming to an end this week, and we will spend time on money as our exploration of Money measurement begins.  If you have a calendar at home, give management of it over to your grade 1/2 kiddo. This is a great work of measurement that can live at home.

ELA: Mrs. Thoner and I continue to take the students through the work of Reading and Writing in our Literacy Block.  The reading group is moving out of nonfiction books and into an exploration of poetry. We will be writing nonfiction reflections with a Main Idea and 2-3 Details, and then take a look at rhyme (word families), meter (syllables), and basic rhyme schemes. Science and social studies topics are being delivered via our F&P and RazzKidz book content.


Next Meeting is March 26th at 3:05PM.
Thank you to Tradewinds for the reusable bags.  They are greatly appreciated and will help tremendously with our ongoing backpack program.
If you would like to opt in or out of the backpack program here is a link  or call the school at 359-2133 and let Louanne know.
Don’t forget the weekly coffee social on Friday mornings, starting at 7:30 AM.


  • 3/22 7:45 AM 3-8th grade trip to Augusta State House
  • 3/26 3:15 PM PTF Meeting
  • 3/29 1:30 PM Early Release
  • April
  • 4/9 6:00 PM School Board Meeting
  • 4/12 1:30 PM Early Release
  • 4/15-4/19 April Vacation


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