Good Afternoon,

As we head into a school closure, Brooklin PTF/ Backpack program is prepping bags of food to be delivered to your house today between 4-6 PM.  These bags will have snacks, fruits/veggies, and two family meals. I need to know if there are people with food allergies in your household. Typically these bags of food would be going home on the school bus, but we will be delivering them because of the short notice closure. We need to make sure we have your address. If we delivered food to you last year and your address has not changed, you are all set! If you are new to the school or you have moved, please fill out this quick form. Would you please put a cooler outside if you are not going to be home? Thank you! Stay Safe, and please be in touch if you have any questions or other needs.



*Want more information about the Brooklin Backpack Program?

Brooklin Backpack Program

Good Morning,
Brooklin School has no school on October 8 and the 11th. Brooklin Backpack Program will be sending home food to help provide healthy snacks, breakfast, and lunch to your child on those days they would normally be getting it at school. If your child attends Brooklin School they are automatically enrolled in Brooklin Backpack Program. If you DO NOT want to participate in this program please fill out the form below. Thank you!
–Molly Dwyer, PTF President

Brooklin Backpack Friends

Attention Brooklin Backpack Friends:

  • Bags from the Backpack Program will be delivered tomorrow after 4pm so put out your coolers
  • You have the option to pick up your Backpack Program bags from 3-4pm tomorrow

Tomorrow will be the first day that we will be joining forces with the Magic Food Bus. Any extra veggies that do not get picked up from 3-4 will be added to your bags. Thank you Healthy Peninsula!

You will also have the new and awesome option of picking up your bags for the Backpack Program. This week your boxes and bags will be extra heavy because there is no school breakfast or lunch until July 7th. We are also adding some pantry staples such as a large box of cereal and a bag of rice. We encourage you to pull into school and visit the Magic Food Bus table from 3-4 tomorrow, pick out great fresh veggies, and then drive back to the school (cafeteria door) to pick up your Backpack Program bag. They will be labeled, sealed, and ready to go.

For the remainder of the summer, the bags will be being delivered to your homes in a personal vehicle rather than the school bus. You will ALWAYS have the option to pick them up, Thursdays from 3-4 if that works better for you.

If you are picking up your bag at school or visiting me at Magic Food Bus, I encourage you to wear a mask, as I will be, and to also stay a safe distance away. I will set your bag and your veggies out for you but it will also be great to see your faces! Please be well and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Backpack Program this week

Hi Families,
PTF is so happy to work with the Brooklin General Store on sourcing all of your amazing food choices.  Thank you so much for filling out the Survey about your food wishes.  We will be able to put those choices into the rotation starting next week.  We are always excited about feedback anytime you want to share.
For this week, we have two new products that came in bulk wholesale packaging. We will occasionally have that happen due to the supply chain of food.
Tyson Uncooked Chicken Tenders
See attached for cooking
Breakfast Burrito
Contains eggs, cheese, and sausage
Remove from the plastic wrap
Microwave for 45-60 seconds in a damp paper towel.  Enjoy!
As always, thank you so much to the amazing Maribeth and Jeff for orchestrating this huge task. Thank you this week to Eyleen, Mrs. Courtot, and Mr. Ensworth for delivering food. Brooklin has an amazing team. If you would like to donate to this program you can click here. This program is essential right now and we are beyond happy we can provide it. Stay safe. ❤️

Brooklin Backpack Opt-In form

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am sending this quick note to see if anyone needs to opt-in to the Brooklin Backpack program. You are always able to opt back out later if you would like to. This form also has an option to just opt-in for the week of April break because no breakfast and lunch will be being sent from school during that time.
If you are thinking you should hold off because someone else needs it more…don’t
If you feel like you might be fine but are not sure…opt-in.
We have you covered. 
Strict safety measures are taken while packing your bags. If you have any questions please email us at The Brooklin PTF is hoping that you are staying as sane as possible during this crazy time. I feel extremely lucky that we live in such a creative, caring, flexible community. Thank you so much to Maribeth and Jeff for doing all the packing. Thank you to The Brooklin General Store for ordering everything for us and thank you to Eyleen, Mrs. Courtot and Ms. Ellen for delivering the bags on the school bus.  Thank you!!!!
–Molly Blake

Backpack Program

Good Afternoon Brooklin! All I can stay is at least the sun is out. The PTF is starting food bag delivery tomorrow. I need some updated information from everyone though so that we can do this as seamlessly as possible.

Are you currently ON the Brooklin Backpack program? If yes please fill out this form.

Do you need to GET ON the backpack program? Please fill out this form. Thank you!

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