The PTF would like to give a huge thank you to all of you that came to Golden Oak concert or the amazing pig roast at the Brooklin Inn. It was wonderful to see everyone out supporting the new owners and in turn donating some money to our Brooklin Backpack Program. Lisa DePasqual, Shelly, Gunther and Eden, thank you for signing up and helping! Donating your time was very generous. To everyone working at the Brooklin Inn the money you donated to us will cover an entire vacation worth of food for over half the kids at the Brooklin School. We appreciate all the work you put in to make that happen.

Pig Roast at The Brooklin Inn
Concert with Golden Oak

Thursday afternoon we are packing bags for the Backpack Program. They will go home on Friday. If you would like to help at 3:00 PM Thursday text 207-266-1298 and we will have a job ready for you. Thank you Healthy Peninsula for hooking us up with The Downeast Gleaning Initiative. They have supplied us with loads of carrots and cucumbers that will be used in this week’s backpacks. 

Winter Craft Fair

If you would like to participate in this year’s 3rd Annual Brooklin Craft Fair please fill out the online form or call 207-266-1298 or email


  • October 10th Helpers needed to pack bags for Backpack Program 3:00 pm in the School Gym
  • Very Soon Warm Clothes Rack.
  • December 14th Annual Holiday Craft Show 10-2. Great place to get unique holiday gifts. Mark your calendars now!

WARM CLOTHES SWAP:  Soon there will be a rack of clean, warm clothes for you to go through. Leave what you can and take what you need.

Newsletter 9/5/19

The first day of school!

Thank you: PTF for the beautiful Welcome Back sign and plants under the Brooklin School sign.

Reminder of Security of the Building

During the school day, all doors are locked except the front door to the school.  Please ring the buzzer to be let inside.  Always enter and exit through the front door by the flagpole only.  Thank you.

Physical Education Class

Physical Education classes are on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.  Sneakers are required for physical education class.  Please also send your child dressed in shorts or pants but no dresses or skirts.  Thank you in advance.

Lost and Found

There are already clothes on the bench in front of the office of lost and found. Remind children to have all their clothes with them at the end of the day.


Follow the Brooklin School on Facebook.  Updates on games, events and school-wide news will be posted there.

Brooklin School Web Page

Visit our new school web page at  It is a great resource for the school calendar, handbook, and many different links to helpful resources.

School Board Meeting — September 10th

The School Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the school.  Please come to these meetings and make your important contributions to the school.

Volunteer Form

All parents and volunteers, please fill out the Volunteer Form that was sent home this week.  Without this filled out, returned and a background check is done through the Superintendent’s Office, you will not be allowed to volunteer in the school or with students.

Forms Sent Home

All the forms: free and reduced lunch forms, emergency forms, and several permission forms were sent home this week.   Please read, fill out, and return to school tomorrow.

Newsletter Update

Anyone who is interested in receiving the newsletter via e-mail or regular mail starting in September, please e-mail me at  or call me at 359-2133.

Lunch Costs

Lunch/Milk Program

COSTS (per day):

  • Lunch  $ 3.00
  • Breakfast $1.75
  • Milk $  .40
  • Adult Lunch $7.50

One milk is served with all hot lunches.  Hot lunch includes one milk.

Order extra milks for:

*a second hot lunch milk

*milk to drink with a bag lunch from home.

All extra/snack milks cost $.40.  Families participating in the Free/Reduced lunch program are also charged $.40 per extra milk.

Picture Day-Date

The School Picture Day will be September 23, 2019.

School Picture Day Volunteer

I am looking for a volunteer to help the photographer the morning of  Monday, September 23rd while he/she is taking pictures.  Please call Louanne at 359-2133 if you can help.  Thank you in advance.




  • 9/9, 4:00 PM Soccer Game at Sedgwick
  • 9/11, 3:30 PM Soccer Game Home vs Castine
  • 5:00 PM,Back To School BBQ
  • 9/16 ,4:00 PM Soccer Game at Bay School
  • 9/17,  4:15 PM Soccer Game at Home vs Penbrook
  • 9/18, 4:00 PM   Soccer Game at Deer Isle
  • 9/23,9:00 AM Picture Day
  • 4:00 PM, Soccer Game at Home vs. Surry
  • 9/24 , 3:05 PM PTF Meeting
  • 9/25 , 4:00 PM Soccer Game at Home vs. Bay School
  • 9/26 ,4:00 PM  Soccer Game at Blue Hill
  • 9/27 ,1:00 PM Early Release


  • 10/1 , 4:00 PM  Soccer Game at Home vs. DISES
  • 10/2, 4:00 PM Soccer Game at Home vs. Blue Hill
  • 10/3, 4:00 PM  Soccer Game at Home vs. Sedgwick
  • 10/5, 5:30 PM Funorama at Castine
  • 10/7,  TBA  Kieve for 7/8 Grade
  • 10/11, Parent/Teacher Conferences—No School
  • 10/14 , No School—Holiday
  • 10/15 , 4:00 PM Soccer Game at Surry
  • 10/25 ,1:00 PM   Early Release

PTF News

Brooklin Backpack Program

Brooklin Backpack Program run by the Brooklin School PTF. They are teaming up with the staff and teachers of Brooklin School to offer a supply of nutritious meals and snacks for children over extended weekends and breaks, free of charge. Their teacher distributes bags to your child on the last school day before the long weekend or break. The bag of food will be discreetly placed in the oldest child in the families backpack before they get onto the bus.

Any child enrolled in Brooklin School is able to receive these weekly bags of food.
If you do not want your child to participate in this program, please fill out the form below. You only need to need to return this form if you do not want your child to participate in Brooklin Backpack Program.

PTF Barbecue–September 11th,  5:00 pm

The PTF (Parents Teachers Friends) group invites everyone in our school community to our annual Back To School BBQ to kick off another school year. The event will be held on Wednesday, September 11th starting at 5:00 at school. Please come and join us for this annual event for all teachers, staff, students, families, and friends of the school. The PTF will grill hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages and will also provide fixings, snacks, and drinks. We are asking people who attend to please bring a side dish, salad or dessert item to share with everyone. Please remember no nuts!

Welcome back to school

 The PTF members welcomed our teachers back to school with an awesome hearty breakfast last week. Thank you to all the parents and friends that made that happen. Everyone at Brooklin School had been working hard all summer to get school cleaned and refreshed and it looked beautiful already! Thank you to the parents and friends that came out on the 29th to help with a few last projects. The PTF put in some new gardens out front, organized the sheds out back and weeded the front gardens for a finishing touch.

The PTF has stocked the teacher’s lounge with healthy snacks for your children in case someone has a grumbly stomach during school or needs a little energy before practice. We also will be sending food home for the Brooklin Backpack Program on October 10th and if you do NOT want food to be coming home with your child during extended breaks, you will need to opt-out of the program. You can always opt back in later if you change your mind. Please use this form to OPT-OUT

If you would like to read more about this program you can go here.

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, September 6th @ 7:30 am First Coffee Social. Come have a cup of coffee and a snack.
  • September 11th Back-To-School Community BBQ @ 5. Everyone is welcome! Please bring a side or dessert.
  • September 24th at 3:15 – PTF meeting in the library. Everyone is welcome!
  • Fill out paperwork for Brooklin School Backpack Program

Welcome to the Brooklin School and Back-to-school basics

As a new parent at our school, there are probably lots of questions you have. Don’t worry – you’ll catch on quickly. There is a staff and student handbook which outlines a lot of the information you’ll need to know. If you have not yet received this handbook, please ask the office for one.

Any questions you have that arise will be deftly answered by Louanne, our administrative assistant at school at (207) 359-2133. She knows EVERYTHING! Her busiest times are when school starts and at the end of the school day, so you might want to reserve long conversations for other times. Jil Blake, the principal, is reachable at the school number as well. The teachers will also provide their own contact information to you. Additionally, our school website has contact information for all the staff and faculty (

New students at the Brooklin School are automatically opted-IN to the Brooklin Backpack Program. This is a program run and funded by the PTF (Parents Teachers Friends group). We pack bags full of food for long weekends and vacations to ensure kids are getting breakfast and lunch when they are not eating at the Brooklin School. If you would like to opt-OUT of the program please fill out this form. WHERE’S THE FORM? You can always opt-IN at a different time. If you have any interest in helping with the program email or keep up with our Facebook posts to see when our next packing party is. The forms to opt-out of this program are here. If you opted out last year you will have to opt-out again because we start fresh every year.

     Please feel free to call/text Molly Blake at 207-266-1298 or Brittney Carter at 207-266-1415 with any questions you might have as a new parent at the school. Brittney and Molly head up the PTF and are always happy to help you learn the ropes.

 Joining the Brooklin School’s and PTF’s Facebook pages also are a great way to stay up to date about wonderful school events. 

Upcoming Events:

Brooklin School Basics


The main entrance to the school is located by the tennis courts across from the flagpole. As you drive in the driveway to the school, take your first right in front of our orchard. You’ll see a Brooklin School sign above the entrance. This is the door to enter the school unless there is a meeting or other community event at the school. There are many other doors to the school, though for the safety of students they are kept locked from the outside. During school hours at the main entrance you will find a buzzer to push that allows the person at the front desk to unlock the door for you, again in place for your childrens’ safety. There is no parking in front of the school by the flagpole as the buses pull up in the morning and afternoon. No parking is from 7:20-7:35 am and 2:50-3:05 pm


School begins promptly at 7:45am. Kids may be dropped off as early as 7:20 am, but should have an extra layer to play outside. If weather conditions are unfavorable they will play in the gym. If your child is riding the bus they will arrive close to 7:30 am. If you wish to drive your child to school please drop them off at the main entrance to the school. If you plan to be in the school any longer than a few minutes, please park over in the main parking area by the playground.


School gets out at 3:00pm. Please communicate with Louanne during the day whether your child will take the bus home or be picked up by you or someone else. Students taking the bus will leave via the main entrance by the orchard. If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, please park by the playground entrance by the gym which is where the children are dismissed from. If you are running late, just warn Louanne before 3pm and she will have your child wait on the benches outside the office and you can pick them up there once the buses have departed.


If your child is attending Pre-Kindergarten, you will need to accompany them into the Pre-K classroom in the morning and pick them up from the classroom in the afternoon. If you want to make special arrangements regarding drop off or pick up timing, contact Julie Wilson, the head preschool teacher.


The Parents, Teachers and Friends is a group of people committed to making the lives and experiences of the children at the Brooklin School exceptional. Our meetings are generally held the last Tuesday of every month at 3:15pm. Sometimes it changes due to school scheduling, so an accurate schedule is on the school website ( Please join us to help plan events to raise money and distribute funding for amazing projects submitted by teachers, staff, and students! 


There is both a state-approved breakfast and lunch available every day at school. It’s helpful for the school to know if your child will be eating these lunches at school or will bring their own. It’s fine to eat the school-made lunch some days and bring your own others. Louanne sends home a slip so you can communicate which you would prefer. The school will keep track of how many school meals your child eats and will bill you accordingly. You can also pay Louanne up front for your school lunches and she will let you know when you owe more money. Please take note that our school is a nut-free zone, which means that no nuts of any kind are allowed into the school.

Good luck at the Brooklin School!

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