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Amy Bebell is the 3rd-8th grade science and social studies teacher. Students in her classes will gain skills to understand and care for the world around them. She got her teaching degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in elementary education, with a specialty in science and a minor in earth science. She has a small homestead in Sedgwick where she raises sheep, chickens, rabbits, and vegetables and lives with her husband and daughter.

Contact: abebell@brooklinschool.org

 “All good things are wild and free”

– Henry David Thoreau

Our classroom

Mrs. Bebell is a passionate scientist and she instills this love of all things science in her students. Mrs. Bebell is also excited to be the social studies teacher for grades three through eight this year. The fifth and sixth-grade students begin their day with Mrs. Bebell. Here, they read engaging and rigorous science and social studies texts that make local and global connections. These grade-level texts push the students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. In addition, students do word work which includes vocabulary building and spelling, independent reading at their individual reading levels, and writing about reading.

During the day, the students in the fifth and sixth-grade classroom stay in their homerooms and the teachers come to them. Mrs. Tapley teaches grade level math to each individual class and Mrs. Baird teaches literacy and writing. Students leave the classroom daily when they attend their two specials.



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NEWS FROM Mrs. Bebell


7/8 News

  Hello parents of the marvelous 7th/8th-grade students! I heard back from some of you that this format of the newsletter is much better than bloomz. So, I'm making the switch and sending it out this way from here on out. Thanks for letting me know how it was...

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7/8 News

Science/Social Studies - Mrs. Bebell Students are preparing for The Wax Museum that will take place on February 12. Last week, they made a timeline to show the major events in a person’s life, planned their costumes (parents, please help your child with this part of...

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7/8 News

Science/Social Studies - Mrs. Bebell This week, the students learned about the circulatory system and how the heart pumps blood throughout the body to transport nutrients, oxygen, and hormones. We dissected a pig heart to see first-hand how heart chambers are...

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7/8 News

Science/Social Studies - Mrs. Bebell The students have done an amazing job throughout our unit on the endocrine and reproductive systems. What started out as an awkward and embarrassing topic has developed into one that students can confidently and respectfully...

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7/8 News

Science/Social Studies - Mrs. Bebell This week students developed a clearer understanding of how the menstrual cycle works so that they can better understand how fertilization can lead to the development of a human fetus. They watched a documentary that illustrated...

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