Dear families,

Another school year is just around the corner! We are very excited here at the Brooklin School, as this year is sure to be amazing. This year, your child will be working with three classroom teachers – Mrs. Thoner for English Language Arts and 3rd/4th-grade homeroom, Mrs. Bebell for social studies, science, and 5th/6th-grade homeroom, and Mrs. Tapley for math and 7th/8th-grade homeroom. This specialization will allow us to continue to provide top-notch instruction. Because the town of Brooklin is so supportive and generous, we do not need families to provide basic supplies for students to use at school. The school will supply folders, notebooks, assignment books, pencils, pens, etc. for use in the classroom. At home, please ensure that your child has access to the tools they will need to complete their homework throughout the year and a quiet workspace to support their thinking. The supplies should include:

  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Writing paper
  • Basic calculator
  • Dictionary
  • Protractor
  • Ruler

Thank you! We look forward to seeing this year’s scholars on September 3rd!

Mrs. Bebell, Mrs. Tapley, and Mrs. Thoner

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