Happy Staff Appreciation Week

As always, the PTF is showering us with gifts. Thank you PTF!


Congratulations to Addisyn Tripp and Rosy Landrum. They are this year’s winners of the Voice to Voice poetry recitation competition.

Flower Power

The 8th graders are selling flowers to raise money for some springtime fun, a class gift, and their graduation celebration. Orders can be placed online until May 15 at http://brooklinschool.fpfundraising.com.

Curriculum Updates

Pre-K and K students have endured the April showers and are looking forward to May flowers! Before April break we got out and sketched the daffodils, and upon return to campus students eagerly noticed the blooms and some flowers. Students celebrated the buds on the trees on our campus, and we are looking forward to seeing blooms and fruits! Kindergarten students are working to master Fry’s first 100 sight words by playing sight word memory, go fish, and doing flashcard drills with each other; many Pre-K students have been challenging themselves to do these drills as well! In math, the kindergarten students worked on number bonds and simple addition sentences and used Zearn to help practice those skills. Kindergarten students also worked on addition and subtraction facts and began to learn how to “count the 10 way”  up to 20. Pre-K students were introduced to number stories and worked on fluency to 20. Kindergarten and Pre-K students continue to enjoy exploring their math boxes and using the manipulatives to create their own math games.

The first-grade mathematicians worked on fractions and equal parts. They also had a lesson with the kindergarten about counting the ten way, a review for them, and they also reviewed place value. In literacy, we continue to work hard on dictation and manipulating sounds, reading with fluency, and tricky sight words. This week the second-grade mathematicians practiced their Math facts for accuracy. They also worked on adding and subtracting three-digit numbers using a place value chart and by doing the standard algorithm. In literacy, second graders worked on reading for comprehension. We also practiced breaking down long words into small parts to be able to read the parts altogether, rather than guessing what the word is, or seeing that it is long and then giving up.

ELA – 3/4  This past week we worked on editing sentences, reading a short “book” about the Mayflower and a short “book” that was a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the “Wild Swans”.  We also finished reading our book about the Iroquois and practiced some work on inference…  After completing the final assessment for that unit, we will begin a unit on fairy tales around the world – specifically different versions of “Red Riding Hood”.

ELA – 5/6  This past week students engaged in the competition for Voice2Voice at the classroom level, and worked diligently on their Ellen Writing.  Stories should be completed soon so they will have time to edit and finalize before the end of the year.  The hope is that each of them will have a final draft ready for publication, as has been done in years past (excluding last year).  They also have a good start on Part 2 of The Invention of Hugo Cabret.
ELA – 7/8  This past week students completed their classroom competition for Voice2Voice and some are ready for final revisions on their Ellen writing.  We have also made it through a good portion of To Kill a Mockingbird.

3/4 Super Studies

This week, students have been learning about Canada’s geography and history. One aspect of Canadian culture that we are loving exploring is the French language! Students are enthusiastically learning some French on Duolingo.
5/6 Super Studies
This week, the students participated in a virtual mission to Mars with the Challenger Center in Bangor. We also watched The Martian and discussed many aspects of space travel and what it would take to visit or live on Mars.
7/8 Super Studies
This week, the students participated in a virtual mission to the moon with the Challenger Center in Bangor. Then the students started making plans for participating in the Samantha Smith Challenge, as part of Rob Shetterly’s Americans who tell the Truth project. They have decided they would like to explore the issue of drug addiction in our communities and will be learning more about that and making plans next week.

PK/K – This week in music classes we started working on a song called One Small Voice for our virtual spring concert. We will be making a recording in May to post for families to enjoy. We were happy to be able to spend a lot of our class time outside singing this week!

1/2 – This week we practiced our song One Small Voice for the virtual spring concert. We will be making our recording in May to post for families to enjoy. We were excited to be able to spend most of our class time outside this week!

3/4 – This week we learned how to play the G Chord on Ukulele! We also were able to play through our song Colors Over You without Mrs. Hicks calling out the chord changes! We are super excited about all the improvements we have been making in class. We are preparing to be able to take our Ukuleles home to practice. There will be a permission slip sent home for this shortly.

5 – 8 – We spent this week’s class singing through our Choral Highlights from The Greatest Showman. We made a lot of good progress and are looking forward to auditioning for solos in the next week or so. We will be making a recording at the end of May to be posted for families to enjoy.


5/7           8 AM                                  5/6 grade Freethy Brook Hike leaves

8 AM                                 Coffee Social via Zoom

5/8            8 AM                                   Roadside Clean-Up

9 AM                                 Brooklin School Clean-Up

5/14          2 PM                                  Soccer Game at Sedgwick

5/15          9 AM                                  Town Meeting in school gym

5/20-5/11                                             Dutch Soccer

5/21         2 PM                                   Cross Country at Sedgwick

5/26     7:25-12:30 PM                      8th grade visit GSA

5/28         10AM                                 Volleyball game Students vs Staff

2 PM                                  Basketball Game at Sedgwick

5/31                                                     Holiday—No School


6/4           8 AM                                  Coffee Social

9:30 AM                            5K Fun Run

6/14                                                     Beach Day (rain date 16th)

6/15          6 PM                                   Graduation

6/17                                                     Field Day

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