Thank You

Thank you to our wonderful PTF for bringing the Dutch Soccer Academy to the Brooklin School.

Curriculum Updates

Pre-K and K 

Our mathematicians honed their sequencing and fluency this week with card games, pop-up counting, and the “what number comes before___” game. Students loved doing math activities using the Zearn app, and even asked to do more Zearn during free choice times! Pre-K and K naturalists were excited to see more buds have bloomed on the flowers and trees around school, and are getting better (and braver) about tick checks. We will be learning about the lifecycle of a seed and will begin looking more closely at seeds this week. Some of the sight words that we have been working to memorize are: the, and, a, in, is, it, he, we, be, she, I, can, you, are, was and like. Highlight of our week was Dutch Soccer with Coaches Robbie and Dan! Thank you to our wonderful PTF for bringing the Dutch Soccer Academy to the Brooklin School!


We have one final week of egg mania! Our chicks are due to hatch this week, anywhere between Tuesday and Thursday. For our final week, we are going to be performing some fun egg-speriments, will continue writing about what we are noticing, reading about the chicken life cycle, drawing the life cycle in art, and will hopefully get to do some baking to see the purpose of eggs in baking! Our countdown calendar is filling up, we have been checking their progress through candling, we made our predictions for how many chicks will hatch, and we are excited to finally meet our fluffy friends!


3/4 ELA – This week we continued working on a close reading of  Lon Po Po.  A “close reading is where students learn to analyze both the pictures and the text to help gain an  understanding of the text.  I can tell this is working, because as we read a Magic Tree House book this week, students were critiquing the artist’s work – noting when it did not match the text.

5/6 ELA – Most of this week has been focused on the final first draft of Ellen Writing.  Students have developed some amazing stories, which we will publish and distribute prior to the end of school (I hope!)..  If not, they will be distributed in July.
7/8 ELA – Students completed To Kill a Mockingbird and their Ellen Writing.  They also have read more than half of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which they are thoroughly enjoying.  Students have also completed their first draft of Ellen Writing – some great plots and terrific stories!  Can’t wait to see the final drafts and the published copies.  So proud of these young authors!!
Super Studies

3/4 Super Studies

This week, the students wrapped up studying Mexico by reading more about the geography of Mexico and creating a mini-poster to show what they have learned. They also had a great time making and then smashing a pinata! For Forest Friday, the class built forts in the woods inspired by the villages the characters made in the book Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran and Barbara Cooney. They also played with bubbles!
5/6 Super Studies
This week, the students took a deep dive into the history of the Norse coin that was found on Naskeag Point in 1957. They are producing a short film about the coin’s journey from Norway to Brooklin, and have learned so much about Vikings, ships, geography, and indigenous history along the way. For Forest Friday, the class worked with Lisa DePasqual in the garden to design a squash trellis. The 5th grade also took the new Science MEA test this week.
7/8 Super Studies
Last Monday, the class created a video to showcase their work on the Samantha Smith Challenge. The rest of the week, the 8th graders took the new Science MEA test. They were also able to make some progress on their class gift between test sessions.

Curriculum Updates


3/4  grade math – This week we continued our review of the year and did more work with fractions.  We even did some practice outside on the sidewalk using sidewalk chalk to spice things up a bit.  We also spent some time looking at shapes and symmetry.  They will be taking their NWEA test this week.

5th grade math – We finished up our work with fractions and took a test on fractions.  We will be taking our NWEA test this week.
6th grade math – We continued our review.  We spent some time looking at geometry, including finding the volume of prisms. They will be taking their NWEA test this week.
7th grade math – We finished up our review and did a quick unit on volume. They will be taking their NWEA test this week.
8th grade math – We finished up our review and took the NWEA test.

PK – 2 – In music, we have been working hard on getting ready for our Spring Virtual Concert. This week we practiced singing our songs for when we will be recording our spring concert on May 26th during the school day. We talked about how we stand when we sing and make sure we are singing loud and clear to be heard on the recordings. We were lucky to be able to spend a lot of our class time outside so that we could sing our songs nice and loud for practice.

3/4 – We have been practicing our Ukulele skills the past few weeks and getting ready to sing for the Virtual Spring concert. We talked about the possibility of taking our Ukulele’s home to practice and we were reminded that we have the take-home contracts to talk over with our parents. We talked about how we would be making our recording for the Virtual Spring Concert on May 26th during the school day.

5 – 8 – This week we worked really hard on our music for the Virtual Spring Concert. We practiced standing the best way for singing and sang through the whole song as though we were making the recording. We talked about how we would be making our recording for the concert on May 26th during the school day.


5/26     7:25-12:30 PM                      8th grade visit GSA

5/27       1 PM                                     Basketball Game at Sedgwick

5/28         10AM                                 Volleyball game Students vs Staff

5/31                                                     Holiday—No School



6/4           8 AM                                  Coffee Social

9:30 AM                            5K Fun Run

6/8       1:45 PM                                  Magic Show

6/10                                                     8th grade Camping Trip

6/14                                                     Beach Day (rain date 16th)

6/15          6 PM                                   Graduation

6/17                                                     Field Day

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