Tonight, 3/2/20 Explore the Moon

Spirit Week Door Decoration Contest

Instructional Updates
Pre-K / K students had so much fun celebrating Spirit Week leading up to the Winter Carnival Day on Friday. There were even a few visits from “School Spirit” in the primary wing of the Brooklin School. Our 100th day of school is slated for Tuesday, February 25. We will celebrate with many 100’s themed activities. We are also looking forward to celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on March 2. We have been reading and listening to as many books by Dr. Seuss as we can lay our hands-on. Before vacation students were excited to hear that we would be welcoming a new Kindergarten student to our classroom community when we return from break. So many kind and thoughtful plans are in the works to greet our newest Viking!

3/4 ELA: This week we took notes as we read the final page of Bullfrog at Magnolia Circle, which was a non-fiction page stressing the facts about bullfrogs under 5 different headings: habitat, life cycle, physical attributes, predators and prey, and behaviors. We had an introductory lesson on writing a topic sentence for a paragraph centered on one of the five areas, then composed a paragraph around that topic sentence based on notes we had taken.

5/6 ELA: This week we continued our discovery of astrophysics and developed a rudimentary understanding of elements and physics. Students have also continued with their Ellen Writing and are developing some very good stories.

7/8 ELA: This week we continued reading I Am Malala and had discussions around how important education is.

Super Studies
3/4 Super Studies: The students completed their unit on how animals survive winter by making displays that show what they have learned about animals’ adaptations, migration, and hibernation. They also spent time snowshoeing in the woods, where they are starting to really get to know the forest habitat discover changes that happen because of weather and the life cycles of the organisms that can be found there.

5/6 Super Studies: The students are continuing their study of the Civil War and the events that led up to it. They were challenged to memorize the Gettysburg Address, and we will spend time in class after break learning the text and what it means.

7/8 Super Studies: The students did a wonderful job simulating and discussing global economic models. They have so many questions about economics, stocks, and commodities! After the break, we will try out the Stock Market Game so that students can try to understand how the stock market works.

The students are also continuing their work on the Brooklin to Brooklyn project. This week they did an activity about how people’s identity can not be defined by a single aspect of their story.

3/4 Math: 3rd grade mathematicians deepened their understanding of how to find the area of rectangles. 4th grade mathematicians learned about equivalent fractions and learned how to show equivalent fractions by using an area model.

5/6 Math: 5th grade mathematicians learned how to find the fraction of a set of objects. They also learned how to multiply fractions by a whole number and engaged in excellent math discussions in the process. 6th grade mathematicians learned about exponents and then learned the order of operations, connecting this to their understanding of the relationship between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

7/8 Math: 7th grade mathematicians found the area of shapes in the coordinate plane and also found the area of complex shapes. They also refreshed their memory of geometric shape names. 8th grade mathematicians learned how to find the slope of a line and practiced their new vocabulary skills in relation to linear equations.

PTF News

Upcoming Events:

• 3/13 Coffee Social
• 3/7 March Soup Chili Chowder Cookoff- 5:30 PM

Community News

3/2 5-6:30PM Explore the Moon @ Brooklin School Gym
3/4 6-7:30 PM Town Meeting with GSA
3/5 5:00 PM Basketball Banquet
3/7 5:30 PM Chili, Chowder and Soup Challenge
3/10 6:00 PM School Board Meeting
3/13 7:30 AM Coffee Social
Trimester Ends
3/20 No School—Teacher Workshop Day
3/27 1:00 PM Early Release

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