May 2, 2022

Good morning.
As we had a water curve ball thrown to us on Friday regarding the Brooklin School drinking water, we have had another curve ball thrown at us today, COVID.
Jenna Billings, our nurse, has reported to the CDC that we have approximately 30% of the school out today with COVID symptoms, or on COVID protocols.  We have to report to the CDC anyway if we have greater than 15% of a school absent any given day for any reason.
So, in the best interest of keeping everybody safe, and of getting over the current spike, we will be going remote at Brooklin from Tuesday, May 3 – Friday May 6th (4 days).  We will reassess this on Friday, and make a decision for next week.
I realize that this is a real hassle for everybody, especially since I thought we were kind of out of the woods with COVID, but apparently not!
Jil Blake will be in touch with you with details about breakfast and lunch and technology.
In the meantime, we will all be working to get Brooklin kids back in school until the last day of school on June 14th.
Mark Hurvitt
Interim Superintendent

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