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Proposed curriculum for the 2018 school year

Note: Class cannot start at Wooden Boat School until October 24th


19th  Introduce myself and Nick Carter, talk about the schedule for the year and expected behavior. Field trip and tour of Wooden Boat Publication and Wooden Boat School to see the classroom they will be using while the school is still in session.

26th  Field trip to Brooklin Boatyard, talk about the history of boats along this section of coast including how the boatyard was originally a sardine packing factory that employed as many as 200 people at the height of the industry and the shipwrights that it took to support that industry.


  • 3rd Class at Brooklin School. Talk through the process of building a skiff, steps involved, and build paper models of the boats to scale using the building plans provided. Each student will leave class with a 3d scale model of the skiff of their own.
  • 10th Field trip to Center Harbor Show students skiffs we are going to build in the water, from the town landing/ beach give a rowing demonstration and give kids a chance to get in boats and row around the inner harbor. USCG certified life jackets will be provided.
  • 24th  First class at Wooden Boat School. Introduction of shop space and where tools are kept. Talk about different materials and hand tools we are going to use over the course of the year. Basic hand tools and their use- hand planes, screwdrivers, and cordless drills. Layout tools such as straight edge, squares, bevel gauges. How to safely and accurately handle hand tools.
  • 31st Using scale drawings, loft (draw)boat full size/ start making molds


  • 7th  Finish building mold discuss how other 3D objects are lofted with handouts
  • 14th Start building saw horses and building jig
  • 28th Discussion on different types of wood, there uses, and boat terminology with handouts


  • 5TH Set up molds on strong back and start to fair setup
  • 12th Glue up transom and start wooden spoons for x-mas gifts
  • 19th Finish wooden spoons


  • 2nd Cut out transom, mount transom and stem
  • 9th Start planking starting with chine plank
  • 16th Topside planking
  • 30th Topside planking


  • 6th Topside planking
  • 13th Install frames
  • 27th Finish installing frames, fair chines


  • 6th Start planking bottom
  • 13th Plank bottom
  • 20th Fair planking, install outer stem
  • 27th Caulk seams with cotton


  • 3rd  Fill seams and screw heads
  • 10th Last class at Wooden Boat School, remove hull from building jig
  • 24th Fit and install rub rails


  • 1st Fit and install seat risers
  • 8th Fit and install seats
  • 15th Fit and install oar locks
  • 22nd Sand/ oil/ paint
  • 29th Launch Boat at Brooklin town landing Center Harbor


  • 5th On the water Center Harbor/ Chatto Island
  • 12th On the water Center Harbor/ Chatto Island

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