ELA – Mrs. Thoner

We continued reading Love That Dog with a focus on watching Jack, the main character, develop his understanding of what poetry is.  We learned that poetry makes “pictures with words”.  We also worked on developing our own ability to find evidence from the text when we respond to a question about the text.  “Where is your proof?” A portion of our ELA class was spent practicing the spelling words for the week and practicing the reading of various sight words and high frequency words to become more fluent and accurate with our daily reading.           

Math – Mrs. Tapley

3rd and 4th grade mathematicians worked this week on adding very large numbers, both with and without word problems. You can continue to support this at home by proposing scenarios in your everyday life where numbers need to be added together. The more they can see the math in their own lives, the better! 

Super Studies – Mrs. Bebell

This week, the 3/4 students learned about Maine state symbols, like the state animal, soft drink, fossil, etc. They read descriptions of each item and took notes on what they learned. We also read some picture books related to these items. This is the first year that our school orchard has produced a lot of apples, so on Thursday the class harvested as many as they could and then peeled and cut many of them up. On Friday, they used a pressure cooker to make applesauce, and learned a bit about solids, liquids, and gases along the way.

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