Here’s what each Puffin will need to succeed:

  • Set of clean clothes labeled with child’s  name or initials, to be stored in child’s bathroom cubby   
  • “Inside” shoes or slippers for classroom use, can be stored at school
  • Footwear appropriate for outside and activities in the gym (no flip flops or shoes that fall off when running, jumping, etc.)
  • Seasonally appropriate outdoor clothes
  • Footwear appropriate for muddy days
  • A good night’s rest
  • A hearty breakfast 
  • Snacks 
  • Packed Lunch
  • Rest items: small blanket, crib sheet, small stuffed animal (all rest items need to fit in their 10 ½ X 10 ½ storage cubby)

Before or on the first day of school please return:

  • Paperwork to Louanne

Puffin’s Nest students eat lunch in their classroom and need to bring a packed lunch from home. Licensing regulations prohibit staff from heating items up at school for children, so now is a great time to invest in a thermos! Lunch at school is a big adjustment and your child will be super appreciative if you have prepared them for this experience! 

Consider helping your child prepare for eating lunch at school by:

  • Practicing eating lunch from the lunchbox with your child. 
  • Make sure they can open everything you send with them. 
  • Talk about not eating food that has fallen to the floor or touching/taking food from someone else’s lunch!!! 
  • Practice sitting with “tummy to table” with your child’s legs under the table. 
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes and talk about how they may not finish eating and that’s ok. 
  • Practice packing everything back up and talk about what is trash and what should come back home in their lunch box. We make every attempt to send home uneaten food and appreciate reusable containers instead of pre-packaged applesauce and yogurts- which can’t be sent home, even if your child only ate one spoonful. 

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