Telephone Numbers

The Brooklin School    359-2133

FAX    359-2303

Superintendent 348-9100

Brown’s Busing 359-8053



A second set of  forms is coming home tonight.  Please read, fill out, and return to school ASAP.


Bus Schedules

Brooklin Bus A—Eyleen, Driver

7:00 Hales Woods Road

7:03 Bay Road

7:06 Harriman Point Road

7:10 Flye Point Rd

7:15 Old County Road

7:20 Morse Lane

7:30 Brooklin School

Proceed to GSA


Brooklin Bus B—Louanne Munson, Driver

7:00 High Street

7:03  River Road

7:06  Reach Road

7:12 Folly Road

7:15 Reach Road (BBY)

7:15 Naskeag Point Road

7:30 Brooklin School



Lunch Costs

School lunches will be free of charge for all students under the age of 18 this school year. Free and reduced forms will be coming home to fill out; fill out and return even if you do not qualify.  These numbers reflect on State monies for Brooklin School.   Without these forms returned we did not qualify for fruits and veggie program this year for our kids afternoon snacks.  Please return forms ASAP. 


Students are tardy if they are not present at the beginning of the school, which is 7:50 AM. Tardiness is disruptive to other student’s learning and the teacher’s instruction.

Newsletter Update

The newsletter will be sent home via e-mail this school year. Please e-mail me at or call me at 359-2133 with any changes in your email.


Back to School BBQ

The back to school BBQ will be Monday, September 18th at 5:30 PM.  More details to follow.

Soccer Schedule

Monday Sept 18 Castine at Brooklin

Wednesday Sept 20 at Sedgwick
Wednesday Sept 27 Penbrook at Brooklin
Tuesday Oct 10 Blue Hill at Brooklin
Thursday Oct 12 at Bay School
Monday Oct 16 Deer Isle at Brooklin
Thursday Oct 19 at Sedgwick
Sunday, October 15 Fun O Rama 3-7PM at MMA
Oct 23 to 27 playoff week

School Calendar


9/7   3:00PM    PTF Meeting at School

3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/11     3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/12   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/13   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/14   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/18  3:30 PM   Home Soccer game vs. Castine

5:30 PM   Back to School BBQ

9/19   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/20   Soccer Game at Sedgwick

9/21   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/25   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/26   3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/27  3:30 PM   Home Soccer game vs. Penbrook

9/28    3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

9/29      12:30 PM   Early Release


10/2  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/3  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/4  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/5  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/6   No School….Teacher Workshop Day

10/9   No School—Holiday

10/10  3:30 PM   Home Soccer game vs. Blue Hill

10/11  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/12    Soccer Game at Bay School

10/15     3:00 PM   Fun-O-Rama at MMA

10/16    3:30 PM   Home Soccer game vs. Deer Isle

10/17  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/18  3:00 PM  Soccer Practice

10/19   Soccer Game at Sedgwick

10/27  12:30 PM   Early Release

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