Last Day of School

The last day of school for students will be June 14th.  Dismissing at 3 PM that day.

What are we learning? 

Ms. Wilson

Pre-K students got super sophisticated with their “Big Block Design Challenges” this week, while also improving their teamwork and problem solving skills. “Team HMC” built a two story car garage, and “Team WJL” built a garage that cars can drive through. On Thursday and Friday they loved meeting and being coached by Coach Robbie. This week we will be putting on our orange safety vests and start run/walking the loop and walk down to check on the daffodils at the top of our driveway.


Mrs. Baird

This week in math the first grade worked on telling time to the hour and the half hour. They also did on clock activities on e-spark. We  also talked about fractions during their mathematical openers. We talked about the parts of a fraction and how to write it. They also played race to 99, by adding 10, subtracting 10 and adding one or subtracting one. The kindergarteners worked on time to the hour. They also played some math games, like subitizing Bingo, Ten frame counting with  cards. I also read both classes, Chicken and The Elephant of Surprise, one of my favorite stories.

This week, we got back into the routine of being in school and did some reviewing to get in the mindset for our NWEA tests which will be next week! We continued reading books at our individual levels, and practiced isolating sounds and parts of words. We began our chick hatching unit! We candled our eggs and wrote numbers on them before putting them in the incubator. We put 23 eggs in the incubator and when we candled them, we saw the yolk and the air pocket of the eggs! We wrote about what we saw and we are all very very excited!

Mrs. Thoner

2/3 ELA

Students have been reading stories about voting and about the history of voting in the United States.  They read about the 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments to the Constitution.
4/5 ELA
Students completed their reading of The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.  Ask your child what their favorite part was.
6-8 ELA
Students completed reading I Am Malala.  They are working feverishly to finish their Ellen Writing and will be given time in school to work on that.

Mrs. Sproul

2nd  and 3rd grade math – We have been spending time reviewing some of the many topics we have worked through this year.  They have amazed me with the information they have retained, they are like little sponges.  Soon we will be starting on some fun end of the year projects that will incorporate what we have learned.

4th and 5th grade math – We have been working on multi digit multiplication and division.  The method they learned looks a bit different than what you learned, but rest assured, they will learn it the way we did.  This video is a quick explanation of the method they learned. Here is a quick video about the method they learned for division.  For some of you it may seem a lot harder than the old ways, but the kids learn it quickly this way and have a true understanding of place value.  They will quickly transition to the traditional algorithm and not have the frustration we had when learning it.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
6th 7th and 8th – We started reviewing the material each class has worked through this year.  Once we have taken the NWEAs they will be starting an end of the year project that incorporates what they learned throughout the year.

Ms. Bebell

6-8 Super Studies

The class has been working on their last global studies unit of the year on world religions. We’ve been reading and discussing the history and beliefs of the major world religions, including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.
4/5 Super Studies
The students have been working really hard to prepare for their Dinosaur Wax Museum! Each student is studying a dinosaur species and is preparing a costume and presentation. The other classes will be invited to visit their museum on June 2.
2/3 Super Studies
The students have been studying forces and motion. They explored what forces are at work when a cardboard hopping toy is powered by a rubber band. They also tested different ideas about what forces are at work on a bridge and how they can strengthen their designs made out of paper.


Week starting May 24: NWEA testing

May 24th  Little League Game

May 25   T-ball practice

May 27: 6-8 grade leave for Six Flag Trip

Early dismissal at 12:30

May 30: No School//Memorial Day

June 1   4/5 grades Wax Museum

June 2: School Spring Concert on the Town Green 7 PM

June 3: Preschool walk to Brooklin General

Rosanna’s Reader’s at 9:20 AM

Week of June 6: Outdoor week!

  • Monday – Tuesday: 6th-8th grade Boat Building Class island overnight trip
  • Monday–Salmon Release
  • Tuesday–Tie Dye and Bike Rodeo
  • Wednesday–Kim Ridley visit and Brian Tripp Boat Ride
  • Thursday–Timber Tina
  • Friday– Beach Day  and Fun Run

Monday June 13: Last day of classes and Graduation party 5:00

Tuesday June 14: Last day – Field Day

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