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K/1 Snowflakes

What are Students Learning These Days?

Mrs. Thoner

ELA 2/3 –  Students read booklets about Yellowstone Park (nonfiction), a buffalo hunt (historical fiction), or The Three Pigs (fiction).  Two of these fit in with our next unit of study about the Great Plains, and some of the indigenous nations who lived there prior to the Westward Expansion of the new settlers.  We will be learning about the Lakota, Hopi, and Nez Perce groups.

ELA 4/5 – Students read several short poems and chose 1 to memorize.  Several students recited their poems to the class on Thursday.  We discussed the features of a poem, and learned that poems don’t always rhyme. A non-rhyming poem is called a “free verse” poem.  This is in anticipation of our next anchor text: Love That Dog, which is a book written in free verse about a boy, Jack, who is learning about poetry in his classroom.
6-8 ELA – Students continued their study of the anchor text Esperanza Rising, which begins with a wealthy family in Mexico in the 1920’s and their only child, a daughter named Esperanza.  Students learned or reviewed the literary devices of personification, metaphor, and simile.

Pre-K Snowflakes


What are Students Learning These Days?

Ms. Bebell

6-8 Super Studies

This week, students prepared for the next part of the chemistry unit by reading about chemical reactions. We also discussed who will be on the You Be the Chemist competition team (if your child brought home a permission slip, please fill it out and return ASAP so that they can participate!).
4/5 Super Studies
This week, students prepared for our next unit on astronomy by reading about our universe while learning at home. We are planning a field trip to the Challenger Center and UMaine Planetarium in Bangor on Thursday, January 13, so watch for more information about that on Monday!
2/3 Super Studies
This week, students had a variety of choices for how to apply their understanding of ecology while learning at home, including a scavenger hunt, writing activity, and animal observation suggestions. On Thursday, we began a new unit about landforms and wondered about rivers.

2/3 Buffalos



Monday, Jan. 17th —Holiday

Tuesday, Jan 28th —Early Release


6/7/8 Two Point Perspective





1/12      Basketball game at Home vs Surry    4PM

1/17       Holiday–No School

1/18       Basketball game at Brooksville   4PM

1/24      Basketball game at Sedgwick   4PM

1/28       Early release

1/31      Basketball game at Deer Isle -Stonington   4PM



2/2      Basketball game at Surry   4PM

2/7    Basketball game at Home vs Deer Isle -Stonington    4PM

2/8     School Board Meeting   6PM

2/18   Early release

2/21–2/25      Vacation

4/5 Jupiter 



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