Thank You

  • John Hodgman and Katherine Fetcher for the generous donation of a trumpet and clarinet for the music department.

Halloween Parade

On Friday, October 29th at 11:45,AM, students and staff will walk to the center of town on our annual Halloween Parade.  We will have fire trucks lead the way and bring up the rear for safety.  Please join us by watching from the church parking lot.  This is an early release day and parents may take their children home after the parade, just let a teacher know you have them before leaving.

Photo Retakes

Photo retakes will be October 22, at 1:00 PM. Please call the office  or send a message to Louanne to sign  your child up for a retake.

Jackets or Sweatshirts

Morning recess can be a bit chilly and students may need a jacket or sweatshirt.   Also remember, due to COVID, classroom windows are open with a fan running. Classrooms can be chilly too.

Schoodic Trip

On Tuesday, October 26th,  the 6-8th grade will go to Schoodic Education Adventure in Winter Harbor, Maine.   Students will be transported by our school van and one of the chaperones personal car.  Chaperones for this trip will be Mrs. Sproul and Mrs. Bebell We will leave the Brooklin School at 7:45 AM and return around 4:30 PM. Students need to pack a lunch.


What Students are Learning!
Ms. Wilson
During our remote week Pre-K and Puffin students were encouraged to work towards independently zipping and fastening buttons. Families that were able to try doing school provided activities at home worked on forming letters and numbers with play dough, completed a reading log and were provided additional materials as requested. 

We will be focusing on the letter sounds for: m, s, a, and t; by listening for the sounds in words, playing “I-Spy” and creating art with focus letters and pictures of items that begin with that letter sound. 
We will be creating a classroom book entitled: “What will you be for Halloween?”. Before we create our book, we will be learning and singing a song to accompany the book when we share it at classroom meetings. 
Pre-K and Puffin Conferences are the week of October 25;  sign-up info has been shared with families, and here’s the link:
Please sign up for Fall 2021 Pre-K/ Puffin Conferences!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on SignUp:
2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on SignUp)
3. Sign up! Choose your spots – SignUp will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
Note: SignUp does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Mrs. Thoner
2/3 ELA:

This past week students read and reread several books.  We read books about dragonflies, leaves, farms, animals that live in holes, and a book called “The Empty Pot” about the importance of being honest.  
It was also an opportunity for me to learn what students and parents need as we all navigate remote learning.  I want to thank all of the parents.  It was more difficult for some than others, and I want you to know that no matter what happened, you each did your personal best to make it work for your child. One of my goals is to work with you and with the other teachers to make this a more positive experience if we ever need to do it again!
5/6 ELA
This past week, students were assessed in their understanding of the use of google classroom as it applies to ELA.  Two assignments were given, and it is clear that I need to focus much more in-class time to teaching students how to complete assignments online.  
Students continued their read of Bud, Not Buddy this week.  The students that stay with me for the second 1/2 of class continued reading Stone Fox.  I can see significant improvement in each child as they read aloud and interpret what they read.  
7/8 ELA
Students continued reading A Long Walk to Water.  Specific lessons were focused on theme and on juxtaposition.  There are times when this book is very emotional to read because of tragedies that happen during war.  Just as the reader gets to know a character, the character dies.  First, Salva’s new found friend Mariel is dragged off and eaten by a lion; then his new found uncle is shot.  These incidents happened in real life to Salva Dut.  They are necessary to the story to demonstrate how easy it would have been for Salva to give up, but he perseveres and survives despite the odds.  
Mrs. Sproul
2nd grade math – This week proved to be a bit of a challenge navigating remote learning.  The kids kept up their positive attitude and we worked through it.  We did a little work with graphs and then spent our time working on addition facts.  Getting a solid foundation in facts is key to success in upper grade math. 

3rd grade math – Students spent some time working on subtraction with regrouping.  In addition they worked on solidifying math facts, which is key to success in upper grade math. We are starting a new program to help students solidify their math facts.  More information will be coming home soon.
4th grade math – Students continued their work with fractions.  We also did a kahoot so I could assess their knowledge of time and fractions. Be on the lookout for some math fact work students can do at home.  
5th grade math – Students started work with dividing fractions by whole numbers.  We also worked with math facts.  Knowing math facts will greatly improve their ability to understand upper level math.  I will be sending math fact work home in the near future for homework.
6th grade math – We continued our work with finding the area of triangles.  We also did a kahoot on time and fractions to assess where the students may have gaps in their knowledge.  We are spending time each day working on math facts.  Getting a solid foundation in facts is key to success in upper grade math. 
7th grade math – Students did a bit of work with comparing scale drawings.  We also did a kahoot on time and fractions to assess where the students may have gaps in their knowledge.  We are spending time each day working on math facts.  Getting a solid foundation in facts is key to success in upper grade math. 
8th grade math – Students started working on parallel lines and angles in triangles.  In addition the students took time to assess where their gaps are in the 7th grade standards.  I will be developing a plan to address those gaps on an individual basis while continuing with the 8th grade 



10/18                         BACK TO SCHOOL

10/20             1:30 PM                    GSA Visiting the 7/8 grade students

10/29                                                 Halloween Parade

10/22                         Photo Retakes

12:30 PM                  Early release




11/2                           Election Day

11/7                           Daylight Savings Time Ends

11/9               6:00 PM                    School Board Meeting

11/11                         Holiday—NO SCHOOL

11/19             12:30 PM                  Early release

11/24—11/26          HOLIDAY BREAK

Community News

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels are gearing up for their 33rd season. The program provides
gifts of warm clothing to children in need who reside full time in Blue Hill,
Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Deer Isle, Penobscot, Sedgwick, Stonington and
Surry. The Christmas Angels Program, coordinated by the First Congregational
Church of Blue Hill, depends on the generosity of individuals, clubs and
businesses. Last year, 110 children were served from 54 families. This year’s
poster angel design is by Amber Rae Pesak, selected from an art contest held
by the Church in 2015.
To receive gifts of warm clothing from the program, pick up a request
form from your child’s school office, Tree of Life Food Pantry or the Island
Food Pantry, and at the Church. Early sign-up is highly appreciated. Request
forms must be received by November 19th. For further assistance, contact
Linda Elder at 266–5184.
If you would like to be an Angel and sponsor a child or family, contact
Ruth Miller at 266-4174. Each Angel will be provided a detailed list of a child’s
clothing wishes, including age (newborn-18 years old), size and any specific
needs; up to 3 items per child; depending on size. Distribution of gifts will be
in early December.
Thank you for helping us to spread holiday cheer!

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